Below Companies We Represent For India :

The one stop source for your testing requirements.

A company where quality and customer service are at par.

Importers & exporters of scientific laboratory testing instruments.

Specialist in paint, ink, powder coating, surface coating, adhesion & pigment testing instruments.

Pioneer in testingstruments for corrosion, coatings, inspection measurements, coete & metal testing.

Variety of imported instruments are available ex-stock in indian rupee. most of the regular running instruments are available for live demonstration in our spacious show-room. even our supplied imported instruments are available with the one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

After sales service is the back-bone for any organization. We at KOMAL, look for continued business relationship based on quality supplies with a short span of time at most competitive prices. TRUST KOMAL for Quality and customer care at its excellence. The only company where you can have genuineness with reasonability of prices and attractive after sales service. We are authorized distributors for INDIA of various Worldwide renowned Paint / Ink Testing Instruments manufacturers, just to mention a few :